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Things to do while traveling solo to make the most of your experience

About 5 month(s) ago by Ramada Kissimmee Gateway
Things to do while traveling solo to make the most of your experience

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, traveling alone has many benefits. Perhaps the biggest pro of traveling solo is the ability to do exactly what you want to do – when you want to do it! Even if you’re in a new city for a business meeting or conference, you might still have some free time to explore, relax and enjoy yourself. And while everyone appreciates some alone time, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by choosing what to do and what to skip. So, if you’re new to traveling solo, check out these recommendations to make the most of your experience!


Make friends with the locals When you travel alone, you have more opportunities and are more open to talking to locals than when you travel with others. And no one knows the must-see spots and must-visit restaurants quite like the locals do, so don’t be afraid to start a conversation with some of the people you meet at a restaurant or bar. Most locals are happy to share places they love going to and areas they try to avoid due to big crowds. Who knows, you may even make a new friend to come back and visit!


Explore the “hidden gems” of the town – After getting to know the locals, take their advice and head out to places they recommend. They most likely have a favorite trail or park they go to relax and unwind. Don’t be afraid of getting lost either! If you make a wrong turn heading somewhere, just let yourself wander. You might just end up in the right place!




If you’re looking for things to do in Kissimmee, aside from the theme parks, check out this blog!


Read a book you’ve been waiting to open – Many will agree, the routine of everyday life can get pretty busy leaving you little “down time”. When traveling, you usually have some time for yourself while waiting for a flight or while on a bus, and it’s the perfect time to dive into a good read!


Cross things off your bucket list you couldn’t do with others – Traveling in a big group usually means everyone ends up doing what the majority of the gang wants to do, and that could mean missing out on what you had an interest in doing. When traveling on your own, you get to make all of the decisions, so what better time than now to start crossing things off your bucket list? You’ll avoid having to convince others why your adventurous ideas are worthy, too!


Learn something new – This won’t be too hard if you’re traveling to a new place or even out of the country, but it still stands even if you’re visiting Florida for the seventh time this year. Consider getting to know the history of the city, cooking the local cuisine (like fried gator in Florida or BBQ food in Texas) or even learning a new language!


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So, if you’re looking for things to do while traveling solo to make the most of your experience, we hope you found this list helpful! Keep in mind, your trip is a gift from you to you, so do the things you love and you’ll be sure to have a good time!

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