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How to avoid overpacking before your weekend getaway to Central Florida (or anywhere!)

About 4 month(s) ago by Ramada Kissimmee Gateway
How to avoid overpacking before your weekend getaway to Central Florida (or anywhere!)

Sometimes all you need is a weekend getaway to relax, unwind and recoup. Breaking away from your daily routine for a few days leaves you refreshed and ready to take on the next week. However, packing for a weekend getaway isn’t nearly as exciting as planning and enjoying one. Many people tend to overpack to make sure they have everything they need for their trip. So, if you’re heading out for a weekend getaway to Central Florida this summer, here are some tips to help you avoid overpacking!


Pick the right suitcase – Although it’s tempting to bring a large suitcase so you can bring home more souvenirs, a crucial part of packing light is limiting the size of your luggage. Many people start by picking out the items they want to bring, and then pick luggage that they think it will fit in. We recommend choosing your luggage first. Choose a carry-on suitcase that is spacious and has a few added compartments. Don’t worry – we’ll share how to make it fit, too!


Pack clothing that you can mix and match – Deciding what clothes to bring is typically what leads travelers to overpack. Try packing clothing items that are versatile. This means choosing a few pieces that all go together and can be worn for different activities. Basic clothing items like blue jeans, simple cotton dresses and t-shirts can be dressed up or down depending on what you have planned for the day.


Roll up your clothes – Believe it or not, rolling your clothes is a great way to save space, keep your bag organized and your clothes wrinkle-free!

How to avoid overpacking for a weekend getaway


Limit toiletries – You may be thinking, “I can’t leave my toothbrush or shampoo at home, so how is this possible?” We recommend coordinating with the people you’re traveling with before packing. Dividing up the toiletries makes for more room in your bag and means you won’t have to leave anything behind. If you feel more comfortable bringing all of your own items, be sure to use travel-size containers and ziplock bags instead of bringing the whole product. Remember, you’ll only be gone for a few days so just bring the necessities.


Don’t wait until the last minute – Waiting until the last minute to pack leads travelers to pack more because they’re worried they might forget something. Try packing a few days in advance and packing a little at a time. Lay your clothes out one day, your shoes the next and then your toiletries. Then, before putting everything into your luggage, eliminate any unnecessary items you probably don’t need.


So, if you’re counting down until your next weekend getaway to Central Florida and want to save yourself some stress about packing, keep these simple tips in mind!




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