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Five tips for saving for your family vacation

About 4 month(s) ago by Ramada Kissimmee Gateway
Five tips for saving for your family vacation

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be thinking it’s the perfect time for a family vacation. The kids will be out of school, your boss said you can take some time off and the weather is just right! And while family vacations are often the most memorable vacations, they can be pretty pricey. So, if you’re starting to plan a trip for your whole clan , here are five ways to save now, so you have more to spend on your getaway!


Factor saving for “travel” into your budget and set up automatic deposits: Whether you’re looking to take a trip at the end of this month or at the end of the year, you can begin factoring “travel” into your budget now. Adding travel to your standard monthly expenses will help you to make sure it always gets paid. You can do this by opening a dedicated savings account, and can even set up automatic deposits to be transferred each week or month, that way you don’t forget to stick to your budget.


Cut back on nonessentials: Do you and your family order takeout once a week? Or maybe you stop for coffee every other day on your way to work? Try cutting back on nonessentials for a few weeks to save for your family vacation. Deposit the money you would normally use on these items into your travel savings account. Making small sacrifices now will mean you have more to save on your trip.


Sign up for email alerts from your favorite hotel/airline: Many can agree checking airline and hotel websites every day for the best rates can be a time-consuming task. When you sign up for alerts, the experts do the work for you and send alerts right to your inbox when prices drop. Many hotels and airlines even have rewards programs offering the best deals to their members.




Stay at a hotel with more to offer: Consider vacationing at a hotel that has more to offer such as free transportation, activities for the little ones on the property, drink specials or kids-eat-free deals. Don’t forget to book your hotel a couple of months in advance if you can, too!




Get the kids involved: Coming up with a plan to get the kids involved with savings can make all the difference. After all, this is a family vacation and it can be a good way to teach them how saving can be rewarding! If your kiddos get weekly allowances, or you give them a certain amount of money each month, consider cutting that amount in half. Going over the plan and why you’re doing this for a few months will make them feel like they’re really contributing to the family vacation!


So, if you’re starting to plan a family trip, we hope these tips find you well. Although making these changes isn’t always easy, it’ll be worth it when you’re making memories with your family on vacation!



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