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5 reasons why joining Wyndham Rewards is more than worth it

About 7 month(s) ago by Ramada Kissimmee Gateway
5 reasons why joining Wyndham Rewards is more than worth it

Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, it can sometimes get a little pricey. Trip expenses don’t just end once the hotel is booked. For many travelers, saving on big expenses (like lodging) is at the top of the priority list so they can spend more money on fun activities. So, to help you save on your stay, we’re inviting you to become a Wyndham Rewards member. Don’t worry, our hotel rewards program doesn’t cost you anything to sign up!


If you’re skeptical about joining another rewards program in fear of your inbox being flooded with spam mail and not getting anything in return, here are five reasons why joining Wyndham Rewards is more than worth it!



Rack up your points and get a free night stay – The best part about any rewards system is getting free stuff, and who doesn’t love free stuff? More importantly, who doesn’t love free stuff that gives you an excuse to take a vacation? After earning 15,000 points, Wyndham Rewards members get a free night stay at Ramada (or if there isn’t a Ramada in the area, you can stay at another Wyndham hotel)! You may be thinking, This is how those rewards programs get you because it probably takes forever to get to 15,000 points. Well, 15,000 points is actually easier to rack up than you think. Members get 10 points per dollar or 1,000 points on every qualified stay, whichever is more. Yup, you heard that right... Whichever is better! We want you to come stay with us again, so we’re rooting for you to get to 15,000 points fast!



Ditch the points and earn miles – We understand that points might not be your thing, or maybe you won’t be staying at a hotel during every trip you take. You may be staying with family, booking a vacation home or maybe even camping! So, racking up points for your next stay at a Wyndham hotel isn’t necessary – instead you can choose to earn airline miles by selecting the frequent flyer program from one of our participating partners. Some of our partners include American Airlines, Jet Airways and Alaska Air! As a Wyndham Rewards member, we want to make sure you’re never letting points go to waste, and opting for flight miles makes sure of that.



Ramada Gateway conference room



Book in advance and save at select Wyndham hotels – Booking in advance is a great way to help you stay organized before your trip even begins, and when you stay at a Wyndham hotel, it helps you to save, too! This offer changes depending on which Wyndham hotel you decide to stay at, but just for booking early you get a discounted price and sometimes even bonus points. It costs you and your family nothing to book ahead of time, and doesn’t even require you to use your points that you worked so hard to get. To put it in perspective, a room that costs $150/night if you book in advance when a 15% off discount is offered means your room will now cost about $127! Those saved bucks can now be used when you visit our arcade downstairs in the lobby!



  Arcade at Ramada Gateway


No deposit required for guarantee of your reservation – Sometimes, paying a deposit for a guarantee of your reservation can be frustrating. When you’re a Wyndham Rewards member, we don’t require you to put down a deposit to guarantee your reservation. All you have to do is call to book your room or book online, and we’ll see you when you arrive!


Cancel ahead without being charged – We understand that sometimes things come up… One of your children is sick, bad weather happens or you may have even missed your flight! So, instead of making things more complicated for you and your family, Wyndham Rewards members can cancel 24 hours prior to 4 pm the day of arrival and avoid a one-night charge plus tax. We’re happy to reschedule your stay whenever you’re able to get to town, too!


So, if you’re looking to save on all of your upcoming vacations or business trips, join Wyndham Rewards!

You can get started on your membership here!

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