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4 benefits of staying at a hotel that offers both interior and exterior room options

About 9 month(s) ago by Ramada Kissimmee Gateway
4 benefits of staying at a hotel that offers both interior and exterior room options

When traveling with family or a large group of people, it’s likely that people will have their own individual preferences. Families with younger children usually like to make sure there are plenty of activities to do during the day for the kiddos, while couples without children usually prefer to stay in a hotel that offers things to do at night nearby. So, if you’re traveling with a handful of people this season and you’re hoping to accommodate your whole party before the vacation even begins, we’re sharing four benefits of staying at a hotel that offers both interior and exterior room options.


You may be thinking, I’ve never even noticed the differences between hotels with exterior rooms and hotels with interior rooms. However, if you’re booking a family reunion or planning a long vacation, you probably want to make sure everything is set up accordingly so no one has to worry upon arrival. After all, it’s always better to have options than to not have any at all, right?


Ready to hear more? Let’s get started!


Exterior Corridor Benefits


At Ramada Kissimmee Gateway, we refer to exterior corridor rooms as standard garden rooms, but don’t be surprised if your room has a view of our Mickey Mouse-shaped pool! Our garden rooms are usually booked by families with children or weekend guests who are just staying with us for a few days. They tend to spend the least amount of time in their rooms because they’re either enjoying the amenities on the hotel property, checking out the theme parks or just exploring around Central Florida. You also don’t have to worry about the weather getting in the way when staying in a garden room because the hallways are covered!




One of the biggest benefits of staying in a Ramada Gateway garden room is the home-like atmosphere. Although looking out the window on the 12th floor to a beautiful view is memorable, it doesn’t remind you of home quite like opening the door and already being outside surrounded by palm trees (Ahhh, the Florida life!). Families appreciate being able to see their kiddos right outside their room window when they’re playing mini-golf or out by the pool. Guests who are only here for a few days enjoy passing other guests as they walk to their room which makes the area feel more warm and welcomed. Sometimes you may just want to step outside for some fresh air, and when staying in a garden room, you can!


Another benefit of staying at a hotel that offers a garden room is the convenience. Guests with young children or those coming to Kissimmee for a two-week vacation usually have a good amount of luggage. Having quick accessibility to your vehicle not only makes unpacking easy, but packing up for the day is simple, too! Guests who won’t be spending the majority of their time at the hotel also prefer to be able to get to their room quickly and without bothering other guests. Many of our guests here on short trips say they like being able to walk right up to their room door and hit the hay!


Interior Corridor Benefits


At Ramada Kissimmee Gateway, we refer to interior corridor rooms as tower rooms. The large building usually catches your eye as soon as you pull into our property. Our tower rooms are best suited for those traveling for business or spending a short weekend with us. However, this room option is fitting for any kind of guest, too! Our favorite part about the tower rooms is that you can see Walt Disney World from the higher floors… Who can say no to that view?




One of the many benefits of having a tower room option is the super quiet atmosphere. Although many families don’t mind the sound of children playing by the pool or those lounging by our pool table area, visitors here on business usually like minimal distractions. Our tower rooms are often most silent because of how far they are from the activities in the hotel. Some guests look forward to their vacation for the time to relax and catch up on some sleep, so they don’t mind being a little further from our amenities.


Another benefit of having a tower room option is the extra privacy. Most tower rooms only have one window, which faces the outside of the hotel, allowing visitors to feel more secluded. Some people in a large party might wish to have some downtime away from the group, and a tower room option can provide that.


So, if you’re getting ready to book your high school reunion or annual family vacation and you’re unsure of what room option works best for each family member, we hope you found this blog helpful. If you’re unsure about what everyone in your group might prefer, we suggest booking a few garden rooms and a few tower rooms so they have two options to choose from! See you soon and happy vacationing!




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